We go beyond collecting credentials

We verify them

Credenxia ensures workers are identified, verified and have all the credentials they need for the required task.

We achieve this by:

  • Proof of identity
    Identity is checked against government databases, ensuring the employee is who they say they are.
  • Biometrics
    We use a 12 point facial recognition system compared against a government-issued documents to further verify the employee identity.
  • Extensive verification process
    Each uploaded credential is verified back to the issuing authority for legitimacy.
  • Risk mitigation
    Our employee verification process removes the risk of credential non-compliance before a worker gets to site.

What we verify

We are adding to the list of verified credentials all the time, so contact us if what you need isn't shown.

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  • Passports
  • Citizenship
  • Driver licence
  • Medicare Card
  • Visas
Credential Icons

Qualifications and competencies

  • Workrights
  • Tertiary degrees and certificates
  • Trade certificates
  • Licensed trades
  • First aid
Licences Icon


  • High-risk licences
  • Forklift
  • Heavy vehicles
  • Working at heights
  • Working in a confined space
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Integrity documents

  • National Police Certificates
  • Working with Children Checks
  • Database search for relevant POI, PEP, terrorist or corruption watch lists