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We take the stress out of managing your workforce

The Credenxia platform uses the latest technology and digital tools for workforce ID and credential management, known as the Credenxia PeoplePassport©, to ensure supply chain security, making it easier for organisations to work smarter, better, faster and now safer.

We are proud to partner with other leading businesses including the public sector, transport, construction and resources globally to protect their brands, partners and employees.

The fundamental effects of COVID-19

With mortality rates, economic issues, and the overwhelming financial challenges of COVID-19, Credenxia have now developed an electronic platform based on our extensive experience in managing workforces across the world, making it easier for people to get back to work safely.

Looking to a safer future

The question we asked ourselves was for those who have had the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), how do we get them back into the workforce faster, and how do we protect employees from contracting it?

Introducing the Credenxia HealthSafe Passport©

Assisting workers to navigate back into the workforce is something that Credenxia, a major technology platform in workforce ID and credential management has developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We now offer extended functionality to our PeoplePassport©, offered as the HealthSafe Passport©.

Credenxia have already been approved by Crown Commercial Services (UK Government) as a COVID-19 supplier to the government and anticipates further international approval.

Getting rid of any guesswork

Credenxia’s HealthSafe Passport© not only allows you to discharge your duty of care requirements to your employees but ensures their continued compliance to different countries’ government legislative requirements and changes in real time.

We’ve made it simple and easy to use

With each employee added to the HealthSafe Passport©, it allows ID verification and self-declaration. Employees will complete a short declaration confirming they are not experiencing any COVID-19 systems. They will then receive a weekly update prompting them to update this information and record any new symptoms, ensuring ongoing compliance.

We also have a document upload system that can record the results of any tests including antigen/antibodies or others that are yet to be developed.

Setup your HealthSafe Passport in 6 easy steps


Simply sign up through your existing Credenxia PeoplePassport© and purchase the required number of HealthSafe Passports© you require. Then send an email invite to all your employees.


First, they must accept the email invite sent to them. They then upload any official government identification. Finally, they upload their COVID-19 test results via a government approved certification process. Third party delivery partners such as Chemists, GP’s or government designated test facilities can be securely integrated, but this final step will only be possible when individual countries have endorsed the standards that will apply.

Credenxia HealthSafe Passport© verification process

To issue an individual worker HealthSafe Passport© we verify the identity of each worker and their uploaded documents by running a 12-point biometric check confirmed by individual government databases. These documents are then scanned to detect any tampering. Once verified, the account is activated, and the HealthSafe Passport© is live for the employee and the employer.

The importance of ensuring continued compliance

Credenxia’s HealthSafe Passport© will automatically email employees every week to prompt them to update their declaration. This will allow the organisation to capture any new symptoms employees may have and manage appropriately.

It also has the ability to limit the transmission of COVID-19 at your work sites by automating proof of presence, providing 100% accurate logs, which can be used in the unfortunate case of an outbreak of COVID-19.

Credenxia are at the forefront of working with all industries to get their employees back to work safely, whilst maintaining strict compliance with all government guidelines.

Our number one priority – data security

The Credenxia HealthSafe Passport© is a powerful way to overcome any other similar systems which are potentially open to fraud or misuse. The HealthSafe Passport© credentials are only linked to the individual and this information cannot be used in any other way. We never share data and we never workpool.

This is our guarantee to you.

Partnering together

Partnering with Credenxia by deploying their HealthSafe Passport© is a positive step forward in demonstrating how you are supporting your employees health, verifying their documents and enabling them to return to work making the process smarter, better, faster and now safer.

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